A collection of original recordings produced and/or released throughout the course of my music career and since the early 90s. (Although I’ve played bass since the mid-70s all record of my numerous teenage and student bands are lost in the mists of time).

This SoundCloud Playlist includes tracks and remixes either created by me under several monikers – e.g. Prodical, Life Support Systems – or as a band member with equal production credits – e.g. Emperor Sly, Original Hifi, Pfink. It also includes three tracks where I recorded bass for Emperor Sly as a session player after I’d left the band.

So I’m either the copyright holder or copyright equal sharer for all the music listed here (probably not for the remixes and not for the session playing) – though the copyright holder(s) shouldn’t mind (they can contact me if they do).

This playlist is still being compiled and new tracks are being added as I find them (in a slow trawl through my fragmented music archive).

In Sync